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Solutions Medical Transport is a non-emergency medical transport service. We offer ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher transport services to our communities. Keeping our clients punctual for appointments, we are here to serve our community with ethical habits and expertise, as well as competitive pricing.

We work closely with hospice companies, in-patient facilities, private doctors, dialysis centers, personal care homes, and skilled nursing facilities. We have a well-trained staff whose members are all CPR certified including an EMT, a paramedic, and a registered nurse, making Solutions Medical Transport the best in the business. We have local and long-distance options with satellite offices in Jackson, Cobb, and Bartow counties.

  • Medical Appointments

    Medical appointments are an integral part of the management of many health conditions, especially chronic ones. Make sure you or your loved ones never miss an appointment through our reliable medical transportation services.

  • Dialysis

    Patients are expected to experience discomfort following a dialysis session. Mild symptoms like lightheadedness or dizziness can be promptly addressed by a medical transportation team. We offer this and more with our medical transportation services.

  • Hospital Admissions or Discharges

    Hospital admissions and discharges are crucial aspects of patient care. For admissions, our medical transportation services will ensure that your loved ones will receive prompt medical attention. For discharges, a safe and comfortable ride home can greatly speed up recovery.

  • Lasik Surgery

    Although the experience differs with each individual, in general, you won’t be able to see well following a Lasik surgery. Aside from having a companion, booking a ride on your way home will ensure your safety and convenience.

  • Transportation to and from Senior Centers & Adult Day Care facilities

    Senior centers and adult daycare facilities are a great option for busy individuals who have no one to entrust the care of their senior loved ones on a workday. We can take them to these facilities so you’ll have peace of mind at work.

  • ALFs, SNFs, and Nursing Homes

    Moving to an assisted living facility, senior nursing facility, or a nursing home can be an overwhelming situation for many seniors. You can help appease their worries by making sure they get to their destination safely and comfortably.

  • Rehab Centers

    An outpatient addiction treatment is a great option for those with milder symptoms who want a more flexible program to fit their schedules. If you need a comfortable ride to your rehab appointment, we are always ready to serve you.

  • Outpatient Surgeries

    Outpatient surgeries, while convenient for many patients, can put their health at risk on their way home. If you need medical transportation for yourself or a loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to ensure your comfort and safety.

  • Physical Therapy

    Missing appointments with your physical therapist can delay your recovery progress. We are here to make sure that never happens. With our transportation services, you will be assisted on your way to and from your physical therapy sessions.

  • Outpatient Plastic Surgery

    As many patients would attest, you won’t be in your best shape following an outpatient plastic surgical operation. No matter how non-invasive an operation is, discomfort and other side effects are to be expected. Ensure comfort on your way home with our transportation services.

  • Dental Appointments

    Missing a dental appointment may not pose immediate risks to your health, but making it a habit will cause problems in the long run. If the lack of transportation is what’s causing you to miss these appointments, you can count on us to help you.

  • Chemotherapy

    Discomfort and fatigue are just among the immediate aftereffects of a chemotherapy session. Making sure your loved ones are comfortable on their way home through our transportation services can greatly alleviate these symptoms.

  • Prescription Pick-Ups

    Pharmacy trips can be a hurdle for older adults and homebound individuals. Running out of medications can be dangerous to their health. Solutions Medical Transport, LLC offers prescription pick-ups for your convenience.

  • Orthopedic Surgery

    Limited mobility is expected following an orthopedic surgical operation. Aside from accompanying them to and from the hospital, providing them with safe medical transportation can greatly help in ensuring comfort and speed up recovery.

  • Workman’s Comp Appointments

    Injuries and accidents in the workplace can’t be avoided, but once they happen, prompt care can go a long way to ensuring that your employees will recover right away. You can count on us for the safe transportation of your injured employees

  • Long-Distance and Interstate

    Long-distance and interstate transportation can be extremely tiring, not to mention dangerous, for individuals with vulnerable health conditions. Our vehicles are designed and equipped to ensure optimal safety and comfort.

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